2020 June

If the COVID-19 pandemic has been controlled enough to make international travel safe, and if the political climate in Haiti poses no threat, NSVI will conduct its 21st international mission in Haiti June 17-20, 2020.

Doug’s Flights:


Wednesday June 17:
Arrive in Cap Haitien on American Airlines #602 at 12:42 PM. Our Haitian staff will have (1) picked up our stored supplies (tables, Mayo stands, and some equipment) at the Cap Haitian Health Network (CHHN) office and (2) set up our procedure room at nearby Hopital Ft. St. Michel (HFSM). From the Airport, we will head right to HFSM to provide vasectomies and distribute brochures for our return on June 19 & 20. . We will bring all supplies to Hotel Roi Christophe, where we will organize them to support two teams. We will dine, perhaps with some Haitian medical staff.

Thursday June 18:
Team 1 (Mesadieu and 2 “guest” doctors): Vasectomies at Dr. Mesadieu’s ULS Clinic in Ft. Bourgeois.
Team 2 (Jolius and 2 “guest” doctors): Vasectomies at the Dugue Clinic in Plaine-du-Nord.
When finished, Team 2 will go to the Complexe Medico-Social de LaFossette (CDS/LaFossette) to explain vasectomy to the women waiting for their appointments at the prenatal clinic, meet our host Dr. Constant, and make sure the procedure room is ready for the next day.

Friday June 19:
Team 1 (Mesadieu and 2 “guest” doctors): Vasectomies at CDS/LaFossette in downtown Cap-Haitien.
Team 2 (Jolius and 2 “guest” doctors): Vasectomies at the Lopital Kominate in Grande Rivière.
When finished, both teams will go to the Hopital Ft. St. Michel (HFSM). When finished there, we will simply lock the door so we can continue on Saturday morning without having to set up again.

Saturday June 20:
Vasectomies at Hopital Ft. St. Michel in Cap-Haitien until 11:30 AM. While the other doctors work, I will pay the staff, and divide remaining supplies and equipment into (1) those that we donate to resupply our domestic teams, (2) those that stay in Cap-Haitien for the next NSVI mission, and (3) those that I bring home to the USA. Then we will return to MIA on AA #1022 at 5:37 PM.