Info For Foreigners


Foreigners (non-Filipino nationals) may have their vasectomies at Sacred Heart Hospital (SHH) on Urgello Street in Cebu City during either NSVI February Vasectomy Missions OR on NSVI Domestic Program Vasectomy Days OR by appointment at the Reproductive Health Clinic of SHH. The fee during Domestic Program Days or by appointment is P 10,000. The fee during missions is P 10,000 for a vasectomy performed by any one of our mission doctors on a certain day, but without a specific time, P 20,000 for a specific doctor by appointment. Since all proceeds go toward helping pay for the vasectomies of the poorest Filipino families, donations to NSVI in excess of these amounts are GREATLY appreciated. Payment must be made in cash. During Missions, payments are made to Bob Kiamco, Director of Missions. During Domestic Program clinics or by appointment, payments are given to Myrna Danuco, RN.

To arrange to have a vasectomy during our February Missions, express the desire to do so on our Contact Us page. To arrange a vasectomy on a Domestic Program day, please contact Myrna Danuco, RN at 0927-222-0906.

Vasectomy Reversal

During vasectomy missions, NSVI also offers vasectomy reversal at the Cebu Urologic Institute at Perpetual Succour Hospital. NSVI Development Director Dr. Doug Stein has performed over 1650 vasectomy reversals in the USA.

The fee is $3000 or P 145,000 (depending on the exchange rate and how one makes payment). Payment is made to No-Scalpel Vasectomy International (NSVI), which uses part of it to pay the facility, and the rest is used to pay for vasectomies for poor Filipino families.
Since we have to bring specialized equipment from the USA, we require a deposit of P 50,000 paid by cash to Myrna Danuco, RN at 0927-222-0906 in Cebu (she will provide a receipt), or $1000 by credit card to NSVI through our Donation Page. The deposit must be paid 4 weeks before the start of our mission in Cebu to allow time to reserve the facility and prepare the equipment coming from the USA.

Please read about vasectomy reversal at Dr. Stein’s Reversal Page. If the findings at the time of your reversal are poor, based upon the quality of the fluid coming from the testicular end, we will not proceed with the connections and you will not be charged the balance of $2000. If the fluid findings are good, we proceed to perform the connections and you are charged the balance of $2000. Chances of sperm return to the semen and pregnancy after reversal are on Dr. Stein’s Results Page. These statistics include men with poor fluid for whom connections were not performed. If the fluid is good, the chances of sperm return to the semen and pregnancy are much higher.

Your only other fee would be the cost of a hotel near the hospital for the night before the reversal and the night of the reversal.

Instructions and the consent that you will be asked to sign on the day of your reversal is HERE.

To arrange to have a vasectomy during our February Missions, express the desire to do so on our Contact Us page.