Vasectomy in Cebu

The Cebu Philippines Vasectomy Team at Sacred Heart Hospital welcomes you.

Domestic Team Cebu

Our Cebu Team provide vasectomies on a variable schedule at Sacred Heart Hospital on Urgello Street and at other locations as demand warrants. They have been providing vasectomies there since 2010, both as a domestic team and as support team for missions of doctors from around the world. NSVI pays for the vasectomies of men who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Specific Prior Dates:

NOTE: PhilHealth pays for vasectomy!
Any person with PhilHealth Insurance can have his vasectomy performed  by the NSVI Domestic Team at Sacred Heart Hospital. Please call Myrna Danuco, RN at 0927-222-0906.

Each man who undergoes vasectomy is offered BROCHURES if he would like to serve as an Educator / Facilitator. When he runs out of brochures, he can always get more from Frohnie or Myrna. Community Health Workers can also receive BROCHURES from Frohnie or Myrna by contacting them at the numbers below.

The NSV client who is a daily wage-earner or has no definite income will receive P1,500.00 as Income-Replacement to be used by the family for food, etc. as he will be advised not to do heavy work / lifting or strenuous activity until 2-3 days after the vasectomy.


At the completion of each vasectomy clinic, Patients and Motivators are paid, as are our staff and the facility. The total for each vasectomy is about $75, varying with the exchange rate.

Foreigners (non-Filipino nationals) and Filipinos who want a more private experience (with little or no waiting) may have their vasectomies by appointment at Sacred Heart Hospital. The fee is P 10,000. Payment must be made in cash given to Myrna Danuco, RN, on the day of the procedure.

To learn future dates and to arrange a vasectomy, please contact Myrna Danuco, RN, at 0939 908 5689. If you leave a message and do not receive a response within two days, please go to the Contact Us page of NSVI President Dr. Doug Stein, and indicate your name, your e-mail address, and your desire for a “Vasectomy in Cebu”. He will find out when you might expect a response.

Additional info is on the FEATURED post of the NSVI Facebook page HERE.

For BROCHURES, contact Myrna Danuco, RN, at 0939 908 5689 or Frohnie Cagalitan, SW’er, at +63 9163911636 (Globe) or +63-32-3458981 (PLDT).