Mission of 2019

Feb 18-23. The mission of 2019 was 3 days shorter than prior Philippines missions. As in 2018, we were in Manila on Monday and Tuesday and transfered by air to Cebu on Tuesday evening. We worked at a number of locations in and near Cebu Wednesday – Saturday, as we have done in prior years. But rather than have a day of R&R before resuming our work on Monday and Tuesday, we had our farewell dinner on Saturday evening. Those who wanted to depart headed to the airport for flights around midnight. Those who wanted to enjoy the Philippines for a few extra days were free to do so. This shorter schedule was easier for our Domestic Team.

Six vasectomists and one assistant paid their own airfares, room, and board to volunteer their time and expertise to the people of the Philippines. In addition, they made added donations to NSVI to cover the costs of performing vasectomies at multiple locations in and near Manila and Cebu.

Sunday Feb 17:
Arrival in Manila. Accommodations near Ospital ng Maymila.
Monday Feb 18:
Mary Johnston Hospital (Tondo). 29 vasectomies performed. Accommodations near POPCOM.
Tuesday Feb 19:
POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic in Mandaluyong City. 13 vasectomies performed. Evening flight to Cebu.

Our Cebu headquarters is always Sacred Heart Hospital (SHH, affiliated with Southwestern University PHINMA Medical School).

Wednesday Feb 20: SHH: 19 vasectomies. Cebu City Health Office: 9 vasectomies.
Thursday Feb 21: SHH: 6 vasectomies.
Friday Feb 22: Babag Lying-In Clinic (Lapu-Lapu): 16 vasectomies.
Saturday Feb 23: SHH: 9 vasectomies. Evening farewell dinner. Travel to airport for late-night departures.