NSVI Development Director Dr. Doug Stein developed an interest in Haiti shortly before his first trip to the Philippines with NSVI in February, 2010. He was invited to go to Haiti in April 2010, 3.5 months after the devastating earthquake that struck the capitol Port-Au-Prince and surrounding areas. He was somewhat new to both NSVI and Haiti, and he did not wish to impose upon his hosts in Haiti by inviting others from NSVI. But it was clear after his first trip that the goal of his hosts in Haiti (controlling population growth by preventing unwanted pregnancies through vasectomy) was identical to the mission of NSVI. And Haiti is certainly closer to the US than are the Philippines!


Since that first trip in April 2010, NSVI has sponsored Dr. Stein and Suarez on four more trips. Dr. Stein has provided pictorial summaries of these missions on his own website which you may access in a new window by clicking the links below or the links in the menu bar above.

Dr. Stein’s preliminary trip to Haiti in April 2010.

First NSVI Mission to Haiti in August 2010.

Prior to the second NSVI mission, Dr. Fritz Lolagne and two Haitian-American men with vasectomies prepared a video to explain vasectomy (both technical and personal aspects) in Creole, a video that may be used by both men considering vasectomy and by counselors who explain vasectomy when internet access and DVD players are not available. It has been uploaded to YouTube in three parts.

Vasectomy Counseling video in Creole:

Second NSVI Mission to Haiti: May 2011.

Third NSVI Mission to Haiti: October 2011.

Fourth NSVI Mission to Haiti: March 2012.