Thanks to Donors

The following people and organizations have made the work of NSVI possible. Their contributions have not only supported NSVI missions, but they have also supported the work of NSVI’s Domestic Teams in Kenya, Haiti, and the Philippines.

In late 2014, NSVI began to do a better job chronicling our donations. Some of these donations have been made by credit card on this website, others by personal check to our business headquarters, now in Lutz, Florida. This is a list of donations dating back to November 2014. We would love to acknowledge all donors dating back to NSVI’s incorporation in 2002, but it may be difficult to compile all of that data and we had to start somewhere. Some organizations list only donors during a calendar year, but that fails to express our continuing gratitude for donations made years ago. So we may slowly build the list in “retro” fashion as time permits.

To enable sorting by last name or amount of donation, simply click within the spreadsheet, then hit Ctrl-A to select all entries in the sheet. Hit Ctrl-C to copy. Then open a new worksheet in Excel and with the cursor in the uppermost and leftmost cell hit Ctrl-V to paste the sheet contents into your new spreadsheet. Now you can sort in whatever way you wish, using the power of Excel. This a good way for repeating donors to group the entries of their own donations so see how much they have given since 2014.

For International Missions, the NSVI Board has selected those “guest” vasectomists who have made a donation “FBO” their desired missions. Each vasectomy “costs” NSVI  $50 – $70 (depending on countries and exchange rates) in payments to patients, facilitators, nurses, social workers/counselors, and facilities. For Philippines missions, this donation is $1500 because each vasectomist can expect to perform 30 vasectomies over 6-7 days. For Haiti missions, this has been $1500 because each vasectomist can expect to perform 30 vasectomies over 3 days. These volunteer vasectomists pay for their airfare to the mission countries and for their room, board, and transportation within those countries, not to mention lost income when they participate in Mission work. Perhaps someday, NSVI will get a grant large enough to pay for these vasectomy costs so that they need not be borne by the volunteers who already contribute so much:  their time, skills, lost income, and transportation/housing costs.

Special thanks are also extended to our non-monetary donors, the international volunteers who help (1) in the procedure rooms with cleaning/sterilization of instruments and preparation of trays, and (2) with the process of counseling and providing post-vasectomy instructions (if they know the native languages). They do not perform vasectomies, so they need not cover vasectomy costs, but they still must pay for their own airfare to the host country and for their room/board/transportation during missions. Each of these helpers is acknowledged in the pages summarizing each mission within this website.

COVID-19 halted international missions from March 2020 through March 2021, but NSVI continued to support our Domestic Teams. An update is HERE.