NSVI Returning to Haiti March 25-28

From March 25-28, NSVI will conduct its 7th mission to Haiti.Thanks to the opening of the expanded runway at Cap Haitien Airport, there is now inexpensive jet service to Northern Haiti from Miami. Here are the participants:

Dr. Mesadieu became an excellent vasectomist during the November 2014 Mission. Please see our November 2014 Mission page. Elisabeth joins NSVI again through the Cap Haitien Health Network. Our two (so far) Guest Vasectomists are Drs. Henchy (all the way from England) and Fisher (from North Carolina). We can accommodate two more. (If you cannot join us, but might wish to in the future, the next mission will be July 22-25, 2015. Dr. Charles Monteith, a veteran of missions in the Philippines and Kenya, has already signed on.)

We will serve the same three locations: the Uls Sante Clinic in Ft. Bourgeois, the town of Plaisance, and the Ft. St. Michel Health Center in Cap Haitien. During our last mission, we performed vasectomies on 48 men (average age 46) who had had a total of 236 children (average 4.9 with a range of 1 to 13).  Here is some geographic orientation:

NSVI would also like to establish a Domestic Program in Northern Haiti as we have done in the Philippines. The Haitian government has made family planning a national priority, and should be very receptive to the help offered by NSVI. This mission will (1) provide more hands-on training for Dr. Mesadieu and other interested doctors, (2) provide instruments and supplies for Dr. Mesadieu to perform vasectomies at Uls Sante between NSVI missions, and (3) set up the logistics for ongoing financial support of a Domestic Vasectomy Program in Haiti.

The tentative schedule for the March 2015 mission and preparation are as follows:

  1. Saturday March 21: Dr. Lolagne arrives in Port-au-Prince to take care of some personal business and gather supplies for the mission.
  2. Monday March 23: Pastor Amos Myrtil arrives in Cap Haitien with banners, educational posters, and brochures, some of which he transfers to Dr. Mesadieu and Dr. St. Martin for posting and distribution in Ft. Bourgeois and Ft. St. Michel. He then travels to Plaisance to (1) secure a clinic location and (2) begin a 3-day campaign to increase public awareness in Plaisance of NSVI’s arrival on March 26.
  3. Tuesday March 24: Dr. Lolagne travels to from PAP to Cap, stopping in Plaisance to confer with Pastor Myrtil.
  4. Wednesday, March 25: Drs. Suarez, Stein, Henchy, and Fisher, along with Dr. Kaplan and Nurse Kaplan, arrive at CAP 12:08 PM on American Flt. 1632, assuming no change in schedule. The Team converts dollars to gourde, then goes directly to Ft. St. Michel for Mission Day 1 where 3 operator pairs perform an estimated 24-36 vasectomies over 4 hours. If a 3rd or 4th vasectomist would like to join the mission and is willing to bring a separate collection of instruments and disposables for 40 vasectomies (NSVI can provide the list), half of the team goes from the airport to Ft. Bourgeois for an estimated 20 vasectomies.
  5. All sleep at Hotel Roi Christophe.
  6. Thursday, March 26: Early morning travel to Plaisance (about 2 hours) for vasectomies all day.
  7. If we finish before dark, we return to Hotel Roi Christophe. If we finish after dark, we stay in Plaisance and return to Cap early on Friday.
  8. Friday March 27: Vasectomies in Ft. Bourgeois in the morning. Vasectomies at Ft. St. Michel all afternoon.
  9. Overnight at Hotel Roi Christophe.
  10. Saturday, March 28: Leisurely breakfast at hotel and exchange of photos, etc. Return home via Miami on American Flt 1632 at 1:40 PM.

The cost of each NSVI vasectomy in Haiti is about $45. This includes compensation of:

  1. patients for lost-income and transportation ($11),
  2. community facilitators/motivators (former vasectomy patients who educate men in the community; $9),
  3. our counselor/coordinator, who overseas informed consent and records ($4.50),
  4. the Haitian vasectomists ($11),
  5. our OR nurse/equipment person ($4.50) and
  6. facility fees ($4.50).

Complementary transportation is usually provided by the Department of Health. We anticipate a demand for 100 vasectomies, with each vasectomist operating alone or paired with another vasectomist completing at least 30 vasectomies. Until NSVI is blessed with a generous grant, the only way to meet this budget is to ask each guest vasectomist for a donation of $1500, paid to NSVI as a donation “FBO March Haiti Mission”. Additional expenses would include airfare ($368 RT from Miami) and 3 nights at the Hotel RC ($150/night).

For those of you who have never been to Haiti, it will be an experience that you will NEVER forget. While you are always free to arrange your own mission, and we can provide advice, NSVI cannot accept more than 4 “guest” vasectomists due to limitations in transport and the size of our facilities. We can accept 2 more Guest Vasectomists, but the full donation of $1500 must be received by February 25 so that we have time to make plans to divide the Team between Ft. Bourgeois and Ft. St. Michel. Anyone with questions can e-mail Doug Stein at steinmail@vasweb.com or call him at 813-390-3032 (cell) or 813-972-1365 (office).

Even if you cannot join us, feel free to steer a few of your philanthropic dollars toward NSVI. You probably already give to other organizations with top-heavy administrations who are strangers to you. What better gesture than to donate $45 to help a poor Haitian man (1) reduce his overhead, (2) reduce the risk to his partner of another unintended pregnancy, (3) more successfully nurture fewer children, and (4) reduce overcrowding in a small country whose environment has already been stripped of many resources by a population of over 10,000,000.

NSVI completes its 13th mission to the Philippines

With the support of the NSVI Philippines Domestic Team… and the NSVI Board,
4 “Guest” Vasectomists, and one “Guest” RN
… performed 245 vasectomies at 4 sites in 7 days.

For the full story, see “Mission of 2014“.

With an estimated $50 cost to NSVI for each vasectomy, and with the anticipation that each Guest Operator would perform at least 40 vasectomies, each of our 4 Guest Vasectomists not only paid his way to the Philippines but also donated $2000 to NSVI to cover those procedure costs. As it turned out, each performed about 50 vasectomies, with NSVI “regulars” Suarez, Alesna, and Stein also performing a few each, but mostly helping with the challenging cases, and facilitating the exchange of ideas among the group. It was a super way to hone our skills, and we all became better vasectomists as a result.

All Guest Vasectomists also paid $1000 (ONLY $1000) for an entire week of room (usually at the luxurious Mandarin Plaza Hotel in Cebu), board (excellent Filipino cuisine at clean restaurants), and all transportation (bus and airline) within the Philippines.

Then, even after the departure of the “Guest” staff, but before the departure of the NSVI Board, the Domestic Team performed another 33 vasectomies on Feb 12 & 13. And the Domestic Team will continue to provide vasectomies with the financial support of NSVI under an agreement reached before this mission was over. Details of that support will be provided on another page.

Any vasectomist considering a remarkable professional and inter-cultural experience should mark his or her calendar and join NSVI on our next mission during the first two weeks in February, 2015. Exact dates will not be known until the annual meeting of the BMA June 12-14 on Orlando.



NSVI-inspired Vasectomy Clinic in Kenya

Inspired by 3 NSVI Missions to Kenya, Kenya Mission Director Dr. Charles Ochieng is now offering vasectomy services in Nairobi at the Penda Medical Clinic in the Family Bank Building in district Kitengela. Please see his website WISPIVAS.

Dr. Ochieng joined NSVI in the Philippines in February 2012, during which mission, he refined his vasectomy skills and learned how to organize and lead a vasectomy mission in his own country. In a part of the world where many men fear vasectomy as castration or a loss of manliness, education is a good first step. During the most recent NSVI mission to Kenya, Charles led us into the streets of Kisumu where he assembled crowds of men to learn about vasectomy:

NSVI is now working on a billboard to promote vasectomy in Nairobi.

76-yo President of NSVI Summits Kilimanjaro

Dr. Ramon Suarez, President and Co-Founder of NSVI (in the yellow hood), has reached Stella Point on the rounded summit of the highest peak in Africa. At 5,745 meters, Stella Point is just shy of Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters), but attainment of Stella Point is considered a “summit” in mountaineering circles.

Dr. Suarez also raised a banner to announce World Vasectomy Day on October 18, 2013, a celebration in honor of those men who play a role in family planning and do what is right by their partners, their children, and their planet. Ramon is accompanied by a group that includes Maryann Stein (left), wife of NSVI Development Director Doug Stein, and his 16-yo granddaughter Alexa Suarez (red collar). Other climbers were Doug’s cousin Steve Stein (no hood or hat), his sons William (right) and Stefan (2nd from left), and his Tampa neighbors Juan and Gail Fabrega.

In an e-mail sent just before his return flight home to the US, Dr. Suarez wrote, “Just done it !!!! After a head on collision car accident between JRO airport and Moshi and a shoulder injury after a fall on day 1, I made it to the top of Kili with the 100% of the team. It was quite tough for the old man, but I feel obligated to make the world aware that we need to save the planet by making family planning available world wide.”

Congratulations to Ramon and all in his group. Well Done!!

And the news media took notice:

NSVI Returns to Kenya July 31

The billboard is up! And this time we reserved the location so far in advance that we got a prime spot on a very busy square.

Last year, the Tupange Project provided our car and driver. This year they will also print and distribute pamphlets, undertake community awareness and mobilization through the local Community Health Workers, and provide their vehicle-mounted public address system to broadcast the NSVI mission all over the city of Kisumu.

The team is ready! We are lucky to have John Curington of San Diego, one of the stars of the February mission in the Philippines. We are putting our faces out there.

We will also be joined by Alison Stein, another star of the Philippines mission, who will provide help with equipment organization and sterilization if she can break away from studying for the Medical College Admission Test, to be taken one week after her return from Africa.

Alexa Suarez, also in hot pursuit of a medical career with a focus on Family Planning and population initiatives, will work with Alison and the team being assembled by Dr. Ochieng, Medical Director of NSVI Kenya, to provide pre- and post-procedure counseling for NSVI / Marie Stopes clients.

We will take enough equipment and sterile supplies to perform 100 vasectomies, and to teach as many local doctors as we can to be as good a vasectomist as Dr. Ochieng. If NSVI can enhance the popularity of vasectomy in Kenya, he may have more than he can handle. With Kenya’s population growth at a staggering 1 MILLION PER YEAR, we need to provide the best service possible to give vasectomy a sterling reputation.

This mission will be followed by a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, on which we will raise a flag for the first-ever WORLD VASECTOMY DAY, to take place on October 18, 2013, at the premier of a new international documentary film entitled THE VASECTOMIST and featuring NSVI missions in the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya. For the latest updates about the Big Event, sign up for Campaign News.

Click the links above in the right margin to enjoy pages about NSVI in Kenya and elsewhere.

NSVI Returns to Haiti April 15

Although many sites were visited during our first few missions, numbers have always been low except in Plaisance (near Limbe) in Northern Haiti, where Pastor Amos Myrtil has such a positive influence over the community. The problems with Northern Haiti are (1) flights to Cap Haitien are infrequent, slow (turbo-prop planes because the Cap airport cannot handle large jets) and expensive compared to flights to Port-Au-Prince (PAP), and (2) our Medical Director Dr. Fritz Lolagne is based in PAP, and travel to the north is, for him, expensive and time-consuming.

Our goal has been to establish a site close to the PAP airport so that NSVI teams can come and go quickly from and to a number of US airports. We are now focused on Delmas, a section of PAP close to the airport, as our best option for a number of reasons:

(1) Through Pastor Amos, we have been introduced to two professionals familiar with Delmas who would like to help our missions (Myrtho Joseph, Ph.D. and Anael Hyppolite). (2) The PROFAMIL clinic on Delmas 31 has offered the use of their facility for the mission. (3) I have done vasectomies on a number of Haitian-American men familiar with Delmas, and they have expressed an interest in helping NSVI start a vasectomy program there. And (4) from Delmas, we can rather easily get to Fermate where the Mission Baptiste has graciously hosted NSVI during prior missions.

Posters were just recently prepared and delivered by Dr. Lolagne to our two sites. We will be joined by Dr. Michael Werner, who recently expressed an interest and was able to open his schedule on short notice to attend the mission. Numbers may be low, but we will be busy scouting and reserving billboards for our next mission later in 2013.

NSVI’s Philippines Mission Promoter Prepares Calendar

NSVI’s Frohnie Cagalitan, MSW, has prepared a marvelous 2013 calendar for distribution to many health care workers and family planning promoters throughout the Central Philippines in an effort to raise awareness of the upcoming 2013 mission.

Frohnie spent many hours composing, formatting, and revising this work of art and information. And she will donate even more time traveling to teach calendar recipients about the benefits of NSV and to inspire them to refer patients to our mission sites. How wonderful it is to have someone of her energy and talent on the NSVI Team!

The 2013 NSVI Philippines Team

In addition to the Philippines team members featured in our About Us page, 7 new NSVI missioners and one “veteran” will provide free vasectomy services at 3 sites in the Central Philippines February 5-12, 2013.

Dr. Sarah Miller is the “veteran” of the 2012 Mission who brightened the procedure room with her bright smile. All of these experienced vasectomists are using personal funds to cover travel and accommodations, and all have donated $1500 to help cover the costs of the mission, including travel and lost wage compensation for our patients as well as expenses incurred by our Philippines staff and supporting facilities. They are truly dedicated to the Mission of NSVI.


The 2013 Team is composed of talented physicians from across North America.

Nov 2012: NSVI commenses Florida initiative.

For those donors who see a need for NSVI services here in the USA, NSVI has rolled out its Florida Initiative. Men whose difficulty keeping up with with child support payments has led to arrest or loss of driver’s license are offered FREE vasectomy. Details are in our Florida Page. Here Dr. Ramon Suarez, President of NSVI, celebrates the installation of the billboard announcement along a busy stretch of Interstate 4 in Plant City.

May 2012: NSVI Conducts its First Mission to Africa

Under the leadership of Mission Director Charles Ochieng, MD, (second from right) NSVI President Ramon Suarez, MD, and Development Director Doug Stein, MD, joined a team that performed 53 vasectomies in 3 days in Busia, Kenya, nearly as many vasectomies as had been performed in the whole of Kenya during the entire year of 2011. To read about how NSVI got involved in Kenya, a country whose population increases by over 1 million per year, click here. To read about this first mission to Kenya, click here.