NSVI Well Into 2017 Mission Line-up

See the vasectomists who are volunteering their own money and time to help men in developing countries (1) share with their partners the responsibility for family planning and (2) better nurture the children that they already have. Those committed vasectomists are listed HERE.

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76-yo President of NSVI Summits Kilimanjaro

Dr. Ramon Suarez, President and Co-Founder of NSVI (in the yellow hood), has reached Stella Point on the rounded summit of the highest peak in Africa. At 5,745 meters, Stella Point is just shy of Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters), but attainment of Stella Point is considered a “summit” in mountaineering circles.

Dr. Suarez also raised a banner to announce World Vasectomy Day on October 18, 2013, a celebration in honor of those men who play a role in family planning and do what is right by their partners, their children, and their planet. Ramon is accompanied by a group that includes Maryann Stein (left), wife of NSVI Development Director Doug Stein, his 16-yo granddaughter Alexa Suarez (red collar), Doug”s cousin Steve Stein (no hood or hat), and Steve’s sons William (right) and Stefan (2nd from left).

In an e-mail sent just before his return flight home to the US, Dr. Suarez wrote, “Just done it !!!! After a head on collision car accident between JRO airport and Moshi and a shoulder injury after a fall on day 1, I made it to the top of Kili with the 100% of the team. It was quite tough for the old man, but I feel obligated to make the world aware that we need to save the planet by making family planning available world wide.”

Congratulations to Ramon and all in his group. Well Done!!

And the news media took notice:

NSVI's Philippines Mission Promoter Prepares Calendar

NSVI”s Frohnie Cagalitan, MSW, has prepared a marvelous 2013 calendar for distribution to many health care workers and family planning promoters throughout the Central Philippines in an effort to raise awareness of the upcoming 2013 mission.

Frohnie spent many hours best online casino composing, formatting, and revising this work of art and information. And she will donate even more time traveling to teach calendar recipients about the benefits of NSV and to inspire them to refer patients to our mission sites. How wonderful it is to have someone of her energy and talent on the NSVI Team!

Nov 2012: NSVI commenses Florida initiative.

For those donors who see a need for NSVI services here in the USA, NSVI has rolled out its best online casino Florida Initiative. Men whose difficulty keeping up with with child support payments has led to arrest or loss of driver”s license are offered FREE vasectomy. Details are in our Florida Page. Here Dr. Ramon Suarez, President of NSVI, celebrates the installation of the billboard announcement along a busy stretch of Interstate 4 in Plant City.

May 2012: NSVI Conducts its First Mission to Africa

Under the leadership of Mission Director Charles Ochieng, MD, (second from right) NSVI President Ramon Suarez, MD, and Development Director Doug Stein, MD, joined a team that performed 53 vasectomies in 3 best online casino days in Busia, Kenya, nearly as many vasectomies as had been performed in the whole of Kenya during the entire year of 2011. To read about how NSVI got involved in Kenya, a country whose population increases by over 1 million per year, click here. To read about this first mission to Kenya, click here.

2012 Mission to Cebu City, Philippines was the Largest EVER!

Thanks to their enthusiastic support for the mission of NSVI, 5 additional vasectomists are joined our team this year. They donated their time, paid online casino their travel expenses, and each donated $1000 to NSVI to help the cause. Please highlight the “Where We Work” tab above, then “The Philippines”, then click the “Mission of 2012” link above to watch an excellent video and read more.