NSVI Returning to the Philippines

On Nov 28, 2022, a Team of International Vasectomy Experts will perform vasectomies in Manila at Mary Johnston Hospital. For contact information, please see our Manila Team page HERE. Or call … 09615822709, 0949 4109991, or 0916 7888379.

On Nov 30 and Dec 1, 2022, the Team of International Doctors will be Baguio. For contact info, please see the poster below.

Or call … 09503313303, 09154669666, or 09177943847.

NSVI Missions to Haiti stiffled by problems following the assassination of President Moise.

From March 2000 to May 2021, five missions to Haiti and one mission to the Philippines were cancelled due to safety concerns and travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19. But missions resumed in May 2021 as increasing numbers of doctors were fully vaccinated. Please see the May 2021 mission HERE. Then in July 2021, another blow. With the assassination of the President on July 7, the country was thrown into political and economic turmoil, fuel shortages and kidnappings. So missions planned for September and November were cancelled when the situation failed to improve.

Nonetheless, our Domestic Team led by Dr. Maudelin Mesadieu has continued to provide vasectomies in Northern Haiti. Their productivity through 2021 is shown at the bottom of the chart within our Domestic Program page and in the graph that follows.

We still have tentative dates for missions in 2022, listed HERE, and we hope that peace and stability are restored soon.

NSVI Resumes Missions in Wake of COVID

Five missions to Haiti and one mission to the Philippines were cancelled due to safety concerns and travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19, but missions resumed in May as increasing numbers of doctors were fully vaccinated. Please see the May 2021 mission HERE and our schedule HERE.

Despite no international missions to Haiti from Dec 2019 until May 2021, our Domestic Team continued to provide vasectomy counseling and procedures with the financial support of NSVI:

On two occasions (March and November, click for details), the Haitian staff that supports our International Missions joined our Domestic Team for 2 particularly productive series of 3-4 consecutive days.

A summary of NSVI work in 2020 is HERE.

NSVI Transitions to New Leadership

The Founders and first Board of Directors of NSVI have effectively served since 2002. They have tirelessly run missions to provide FREE NSV (No-Scalpel Vasectomy) in developing countries with high rates of unintended pregnancy, they have supported NSVI’s Domestic Teams, they have handled all of the financial and record-keeping duties required of a non-profit corporation, and they have donated generously from their own personal funds.

Inspirational role models for most people who meet them, Ramon, Nenita, Bob and Benie have made annual missions to the Philippines for 20 years (since 1998), first with the Bisaya Medical Association until 2001, then as “NSVI” with some support from the BMA. Since I joined NSVI in 2010, Ramon has traveled with me on 29 international vasectomy service and training missions to Philippines, Kenya, Haiti, Indonesia, Cuba, and Mexico; played a key role in 5 World Vasectomy Days; and helped train dozens of vasectomists worldwide.

Now in their 80’s, health issues have made travel more risky and obligations more daunting. So they have decided to hand over the reins to new leadership but continue to serve an advisory role as an Emeritus Board. Given my role as Director of Development since 2012 and John Curington’s role as Director of Education since 2016, the Board nominated me as President and John as Secretary-Treasurer, and we gladly accepted. So, on June 22, in the Naples home of Ramon and Nenita Suarez, papers were signed …

… under the watchful eye of Ramon and Nenita’s grand-daughter Maya.
We joined hands, and Doug Stein and John Curington became President and Secretary-Treasurer of NSVI.
The transition has involved a transfer of the NSVI non-profit corporation from Pennsylvania to Florida, acquisition of a new accounting firm in the Tampa area, and transfer of management of the NSVI Wells Fargo and PayPal accounts from Ramon to myself. Over the next few months, the Emeritus Board, John and I will nominate others to the Active Voting Board and to a more expansive Board of Advisors.

Our goal is to continue the legacy of our Founders and try to match their spirit, energy and vision so that NSVI lives on through generations.

NSVI Well Into 2017 Mission Line-up

See the vasectomists who are volunteering their own money and time to help men in developing countries (1) share with their partners the responsibility for family planning and (2) better nurture the children that they already have. Those committed vasectomists are listed HERE.

Click any ink at the right to view past or upcoming vasectomy missions or to learn about the Domestic Teams that provide quality vasectomy services between our missions.

76-yo President of NSVI Summits Kilimanjaro

Dr. Ramon Suarez, President and Co-Founder of NSVI (in the yellow hood), has reached Stella Point on the rounded summit of the highest peak in Africa. At 5,745 meters, Stella Point is just shy of Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters), but attainment of Stella Point is considered a “summit” in mountaineering circles.

Dr. Suarez also raised a banner to announce World Vasectomy Day on October 18, 2013, a celebration in honor of those men who play a role in family planning and do what is right by their partners, their children, and their planet. Ramon is accompanied by a group that includes Maryann Stein (left), wife of NSVI Development Director Doug Stein, his 16-yo granddaughter Alexa Suarez (red collar), Doug”s cousin Steve Stein (no hood or hat), and Steve’s sons William (right) and Stefan (2nd from left).

In an e-mail sent just before his return flight home to the US, Dr. Suarez wrote, “Just done it !!!! After a head on collision car accident between JRO airport and Moshi and a shoulder injury after a fall on day 1, I made it to the top of Kili with the 100% of the team. It was quite tough for the old man, but I feel obligated to make the world aware that we need to save the planet by making family planning available world wide.”

Congratulations to Ramon and all in his group. Well Done!!

And the news media took notice: